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Divide into pasta bowls and serve. The housemade cavatelli, dense and toothsome bullet-shaped pasta, was the perfect delivery vehicle for the sauce:

50 local kennebunk

What arrived at the table was a fun presentation: I was debating between the cavatelli and the Arctic char with lemon risotto and spring vegetables, but our server persuaded me to go with the pasta.

50 local kennebunk

50 local kennebunk

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  1. Tom and I both agreed that the flavors were nice and light, but that this dish could have used a touch more oomph, perhaps with a simple cream sauce.

  2. Wanting to be near family after they had a child, the couple moved from Boston, where Ross had been executive chef at Lucca and Sasso, back to Kennebunk to launch the restaurant, which occupies a small storefront on Main Street with about a dozen tables.

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