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Purple People Eater It was the beginning of the space race, and entertainment featured a lot of movies and songs dealing with aliens and outer space themes. What a top dude.

50s lyrics

We hope you enjoyed the trip, and will travel with us again. Watch as the original "Diamonds" perform live for the last time, this great American classic.

50s lyrics

50s lyrics

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  1. Carole King wrote this hit with husband Gerry Coffey after their babysitter Little Eva she sang Locomotion told them she was being beaten by her boyfriend but believed the abuse demonstrated he loved her. Come with me and relive yet another great time in history when "One Fine Day" lit up the summer of '

  2. To make things murkier Fiegler once clarified he wrote the lyrics from the mindset of a 14 year old boy.

  3. Read why the songwriter claimed Ricky ruined her song and why Ricky refused to select a photo for the 45rpm single, the only one ever released without a picture of Ricky. Read their remarkable story here.

  4. It seems to have become associated with professional basketball. She even bumped him on the dancefloor and hurt his hip.

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