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Since the mids, popular interest in the Melungeons has grown tremendously, although many have left the area of historical concentration. Why would an established settler leave the beautiful Shenandoah Valley for the wild, untamed lands of Indian-dominated Kentucky? Writers recounted folk tales of shipwrecked sailors, lost colonists, hoards of silver, and ancient peoples such as the Carthaginians or Phoenicians.

Abraham lincoln melungeon

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Abraham lincoln melungeon

Abraham lincoln melungeon

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  1. In the first half of the 19th century, the pejorative term "Melungeon" began to be applied to these families by local white European-American neighbors.

  2. In the first half of the 19th century, the pejorative term "Melungeon" began to be applied to these families by local white European-American neighbors. They migrated together from western Virginia through the Piedmont frontier of North Carolina , before settling primarily in the mountains of East Tennessee.

  3. Kennedy apparently confuses it with the Arabic word jinn, better known as genie.

  4. The earliest known Melungeon in what is now northeast Tennessee was Millington Collins, who executed a deed in Hawkins County in Hunter intended for his drama "to improve the socio-economic climate" of Hancock County, and to "lift the Melungeon name 'from shame to the hall of fame'.

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