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Better marketing means more students. If you are looking for a class which provides concentrated strength training through mindful movement, and leaves you feeling sweaty, happy and uplifted, this is it!

Acro yoga plymouth

My cousin suggested i try AntiGravity yoga, as it contains the mix of strength, flexibility and upside down i was so used to. It was in the first inversion in that first class I knew this was going to help.

Acro yoga plymouth

Acro yoga plymouth

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  1. Everything is better kept in balance, including your yoga practice. Movements will be fluid and flowing like water, while we also focus on grounding to the earth allowing us to connect with ourselves and bring awareness to our heart space and creative centre.

  2. More Fun in Threes As if AcroYoga wasn't enough fun with two people, this workshop takes everything to the next level; upping the ante on trust, focus, commitment, communication, safety, and exhilaration.

  3. Initially I figured that of course it would improve my flexibility, but I hadn't expected the extra strength gains, streamlining and toning of my body - gotta be happy with that!. Inspired the cycles of the moon and the earth this class will explore empowering practices to foster a connection with your feminine intuitive wisdom and connect you with your inner teacher.

  4. The oft-rumored, rarely-seen side-laying position of Thai Massage - demystified! Inspired by Ballet and Pilates, Barre requires no previous dance experience.

  5. Suzanne Postings Shivdev Kaur Kundalini Yoga is a Tantric practice and those that practice aim to engage themselves completely and consciously in the flow of life. Full Body Thai Massage These hand-picked gems from Thai Massage will turn any novice into a massage ninja, to the delight of your family and friends!

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