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Data-Sora can obtain Aerora as an enemy drop. Kingdom Hearts[ edit ] Sora and Donald learn Aero by obtaining the power of wind. It's something that his older sister has always teased him about.


Especially one that was in the very center, which glowed a bright emerald green. Data-Sora can create Aeroga through Command Conversion. Terra, Ventus, and Aqua can obtain Aero as an enemy drop.



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  1. He thought it was his own thoughts, until they started to become more and more realistic. Dispels an effect on each target.

  2. Find these letters in the Type collum of the melding tables below, to see what outcome the different combinations might bring. Data-Sora can obtain Aero as the B reward for clearing the fifteen-layer Labyrinth at Standard difficulty..

  3. Surprising himself and everyone around him.

  4. Dispels an effect on each target.

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