Affidavit divorce uk


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An affidavit need not necessarily focus on hard facts. Instead, it may sometimes be the opinion of the individual who writes it, or be the sequence of facts that they believe to be true.

Affidavit divorce uk

In these cases at least one of the affidavits should be from a person who is neither a parent nor a party to the action. An official affidavit form must be used.

Affidavit divorce uk

Affidavit divorce uk

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  1. If you are using a solicitor, they are entitled to charge a fee for swearing the affidavit, but if you swear the documents at court, there is no charge.

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  3. When do I use an affidavit? You will know that you have to make an affidavit because the court rules will say that you have to.

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