Aldi coming to phoenix


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And this huge sales volume of one thing allows the stores to negotiate a good deal with the supplier. And Lidl's new location in Manassas, Va.

Aldi coming to phoenix

Ninety-percent of its items are not name brands. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Maybe not in year 1, but over time that's always the case.

Aldi coming to phoenix

Aldi coming to phoenix

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  1. A few people at the front of the line shake their heads when asked whether they'd heard of a Lidl — pronounced"Lee-dle" — before this one arrived. Those plans are still being reviewed by the city and have not yet been approved.

  2. Aldi and Lidl, in industry speak, are called deep discounters. Some industry watchers predict that over the next few years, the deep-discount-grocery business will grow five times faster than traditional stores — in part because Americans are becoming more comfortable with private-brand groceries.

  3. The quality was crap, there was very little selection, and if they had any produce at all you'd be lucky if it didn't go bad within 2 days of getting it home.

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