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Include or exclude up to eight ingredients to narrow your recipe search. Search by dish, cooking time, and ingredient, and find recipes that match your gluten-free, vegetarian, or other diet. More Dinner Spinner Pro perks:

Allrecipes dinner spinner pro

If you run into a bargain while you're out shopping, you can scan the well-priced item to see what fantastic dinner options you can potentially create. The updated app now allows you to keep track of what food items you have at home in a virtual pantry, and scan items at the grocery store with your smartphone to find recipes to make with that item. Just click the green Download button above to start.

Allrecipes dinner spinner pro

Allrecipes dinner spinner pro

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  1. Users can also view ratings and comments for each recipe and see how other users might have changed the recipe or have suggestions.

  2. Dinner Spinner is easy and fun to use. Scan any grocery item and you can add it permanently to the spinner, search for recipes with that item, or add it to any of your shopping lists.

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