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Where is Alpena Michigan? Outfitted with all the latest electronic gear:

Alpena fishing

The Alpena Regional Airport and has full service on Delta airlines. Alpena is a National Marine Underwater Sanctuary.

Alpena fishing

Alpena fishing

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  1. Despite that it appears the walleye fishery in Thunder Bay and surrounding inland lakes is strong and continuing to grow. With some of the best structure in our region walleye fishing is outstanding as well, with the smallest walleye averaging 4 lbs.

  2. Complete with a large galley with a walk in bathroom, refrigerator, and sleeping quarters. Steve Schulwitz can be reached via email at sschulwitz.

  3. Fish for Brown trout, Chinook, King, salmon, Lake trout and walleye. Complete with a large galley with a walk in bathroom, refrigerator, and sleeping quarters.

  4. According to Eric Kruczynski, who is a member of the Thunder Bay Walleye Club and often fishes in tournaments around the state and beyond, walleye fishing in Alpena is strong and is as good or better than many places that receives more notoriety.

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