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While some rock bands take on subgenres like alternative, pop, or metal — this band can be sub categorized as rap, for some of their verses are done in a rap style. This band really stuck out in the s in the punk rock industry mostly because of their female vocalist.

Are you scene or emo quiz

To date, the band has released four studio albums, although he welcomed other backup band players in some of her newer work for a wider range of sound. Billy Talent Simple Plan Panic!

Are you scene or emo quiz

Are you scene or emo quiz

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  1. Question 9 Do you know this band? In fact, back in Linkin Park was actually voted the best band in the s, and has been one of the highest-grossing rock bands of its generation.

  2. Question 21 Do you know this band?

  3. To date, the band has produced four studio albums, and are most notable for attending a number of different music festivals where they are appreciated for their live performances.

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