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During this second wave of migration from , most of the South Asians who moved to the Boston area were middle-class Indians and Pakistanis. After all, people make things happen. I think much has been made of a region's weather, but one must consider that much of China, Korea and Japan, where many APIs come from, is similar in weather as well.

Asians in boston

During this second wave of migration from , most of the South Asians who moved to the Boston area were middle-class Indians and Pakistanis. A state government that is dominated by Irish democratics, a traditionally economically underperforming group, also does not encourage commercial development. The median housing rates are accordingly higher for SF.

Asians in boston

Asians in boston

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  1. South Asians in Boston Alternative Title: Many young graduates choose to start their careers in New York, New Jersy, or California, where there are more professional opportunities.

  2. Settlement When significant numbers of South Asians first settled in Massachusetts between , the majority lived in the Boston area because of its proximity to jobs in the medical and technology fields. Few professors and students at MIT and Harvard are Irish since Irish as a group have low educational and income level although many administrators are Irish.

  3. Those of you born and raised in California or Florida and came here know what I'm talking about.

  4. There is no coordination between the government, academia, and industry to nurture the nascent biotech industry while states like California and North Carolina have coordinated efforts to encourage and nurture their biotech industries.

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