Backwards flag symbolism


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Thus, the reversed American flag on the right shoulder still exemplifies the stalwart dedication of its military forces to always have the flag oriented to properly reflect the sacred traditions it symbolizes. That is a short-sighted view, though, because that alleged arrogance has nothing to do with misplaced thoughts of superiority. To reflect this high degree of respect that U.

Backwards flag symbolism

Again, this is indicative of the American spirit, which balks at the idea of backing down — of giving up — no matter the possible consequences. We have long had a multi-cultural heritage and proudly protect our welcoming traditions.

Backwards flag symbolism

Backwards flag symbolism

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  1. Ensuring that the flag is hung properly honors the hallowed spirit of this great country.

  2. With the drafting of the Declaration of Independence and the subsequent establishment of a new nation standing against the tyranny of overseas governance, the American flag became a symbol for the freedoms the brave leaders and soldiers of the Revolutionary War fought for.

  3. We have long had a multi-cultural heritage and proudly protect our welcoming traditions.

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