Bama bulldogges


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These pets are quite agile and graceful with fluid movements that beg for practice through regular exercise. Because of their genetic lineage, these pets are quite capable of performing farm work as well. Other appearance characteristics include:

Bama bulldogges

Remember that bulldogs understand brief commands. Names with two syllables or lesser work better. I put together a list of of bulldog names below to give you some ideas to start with:

Bama bulldogges

Bama bulldogges

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  1. Taking family votes is a good idea. Sometimes called the Original English Bulldogge, this relatively new breed was bred in the s by crossing English bulldogs with pit bulls, bullmastiffs, and American bulldogs.

  2. Keep in mind throughout his or her lifetime, you will use your bulldog's name over 40, times. Like all bulldogs, these pets have characteristic wrinkles around the neck and jaw, but the Olde English bulldogge does not have nearly the number of folds as some other bulldog varieties.

  3. Also consider a famous name from history or a character from a story you have read. The goal was to create an athletic dog similar in appearance to bulldogs used for bull baiting in the s, but with a far less aggressive and much more friendly temperament.

  4. Olde English bulldogges are also growing in popularity for obedience training, weight pulling, and therapy training. Naming your new puppy is one of the joys of getting a new puppy.

  5. Names should therefore be easy to remember. These dogs tend to be bold, energetic, and somewhat fearless.

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