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Following his death in , the breeding operations came under the direction of his son, Tom Lasater, who began to combine the breeding of the Brahman and Hereford cattle and also used some registered Shorthorn bulls. As they listed the favorable traits about Beefmaster cattle they also said that the breed had some major obstacles to overcome. After input from all members of the committee, a proposed color policy was created and unanimously approved by the Long Range Planning Committee to be presented to the Board of Directors at their meeting.

Beefmaster color

Animals displaying a "mean, or nervous" disposition should be culled. Brindle Brindle is an interesting combination of black and brown, or brown with red or yellow.

Beefmaster color

Beefmaster color

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  1. The coat is slick and straight.

  2. The cattle were handled under range conditions that were often adverse, and a culling program was started based on disposition, fertility, weight, conformation, hardiness and milk production. He had 8 calves for us, and 3 of them had roaning.

  3. Considerable progress has been made in selecting cattle that give very satisfactory levels of production under the practical and often severe range conditions. Brindle Brindle is an interesting combination of black and brown, or brown with red or yellow.

  4. Whites, tans, Grays, Grullas, Yellows, Oranges, Creams There are several genes that will wash out the basic coat color.

  5. The breeding program leading to their establishment was started by Ed C. These are caused by a single pair of genes which govern how much and what color of pigment is produced.

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