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The Fairfax family were responsible for establishing the Fairfax Media empire, which became a major force in the Australian news media see also John Fairfax. Once established, the housing in Bellevue Hill was largely owner-occupied, with relatively stable occupation and long-term ownership.

Bellevue hills sydney

The most common responses for religious affiliation were No Religion Governor Lachlan Macquarie thought this name was both vulgar and inappropriate, since it referred to the Battle of Vinegar Hill, an uprising against the British in Ireland in It has a kitchen including an oven and a dishwasher.

Bellevue hills sydney

Bellevue hills sydney

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  1. It has 2 queen beds and 1 sofa bed can be 1 double or 2 singles Also on offer are laundry facilities and a bathroom with a shower and bath tub.

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