Belly button piercing edinburgh


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Answer — the only person who would be allowed in the room would be your parent or guardian if you are under Shortly after this; Pete decides to open what would become the respected, professional hub in Reading for all things body piercing.

Belly button piercing edinburgh

Answer — Being a large and well established organisation we can buy in supplies in bulk, and pass this saving onto our customers. Answer — we only use top quality UK suppliers, who we have built up a strong relationship with over the years. She was amazing , so reassuring and patient and I have to say the piercing for me was almost painless.

Belly button piercing edinburgh

Belly button piercing edinburgh

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  1. How long have the body piercers been qualified for?

  2. They are then sealed in an individual pouch and only opened at the time of the piercing.

  3. Panicking slightly over keeping it clean awkward place but what an experience.

  4. Answer — Every needle we use is sterile and brand new.

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