Camp lejeune shooting range


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His twin brother told The Daily Journal that Boterf was a gate sentry because he volunteered so another Marine could take a leave and get married. Little broke down Tuesday when asked by the judge if Boterf is dead.

Camp lejeune shooting range

He joined 2nd Radio Battalion in , served as a special intelligence system communicator, and was promoted to lance corporal on Oct. Marine sentenced for fatal shooting at Camp Lejeune gate by Katy Harris brandon-little-and-mark-boterf-jpgver Little told the judge he had his M4 rifle close to his body, with his right hand on the trigger and his left hand directing traffic.

Camp lejeune shooting range

Camp lejeune shooting range

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  1. Little said he feels he failed everyone, but felt better when he met Boterf's family, who told Little to keep pushing and not let him be ruined.

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