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The MVX adds a third, even more convenient option: The system also includes an optional separate compact control head with a five-inch LCD touch screen.

Car audio jonesboro ar

In addition to its exceptional performance in the field, the MVX performs equally reliably and intelligently in the back office, allowing for easily added metadata information, comprehensive search capabilities and automatic retention and deletion of captured incidents. Digital records in the system are instantly searchable by all metadata fields such as incident classification, making finding relevant data simpler and faster. The MVX uses the H.

Car audio jonesboro ar

Car audio jonesboro ar

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  1. Bring it down to our full-service car audio facility for skillful, timely repairs that your ears can count on! The MVX In-Car Digital Video System is an in-car and backend video capture and management solution that combines high-quality video, reliable ruggedized construction and an intuitive touch-screen interface with next generation mission critical functionality to better protect the public and the officer.

  2. The MVX uses the H. With up to three-minutes of video buffer before and after recording, the MVX begins capturing an incident even before you know it needs to be captured.

  3. This greatly increases the probability that the MVX will capture critical activities to make the case or refute false accusations. It can also integrate with other NICE data management systems that track fixed video surveillance or audio loggers.

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