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Grizzlor is introduced into the Masters of the Universe toy line in among the first wave of Evil Horde figures. Imp makes a appearance in the series.


Octavia is voiced by Melendy Britt in the s series. Modulok is voiced by Alan Oppenheimer in the 80s series.



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  1. At one point, some years before Adora defected from the Evil Horde to join the Great Rebellion , Castaspella was dethroned by the evil Mortella , whose powers came from a magic fire lit inside Castle Mysticor. When She-Ra appeared and easily began to defeat Mortella's Knights, Castaspella grabbed her chance to confront her old adversary to put an end to her evil reign.

  2. When the Magic Knights captured Bow and Adora, whom she wanted to use as slaves and ordered to make sure her flames did not burn low.

  3. It is these suction pads that provide him with his main power:

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