Cck air base 1970


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Here is the link to the new video: The crisis was peacefully resolved, and the aircraft were returned to the United States.

Cck air base 1970

If you were in CCK or Taiwan, you will appreciate this presentation of the way it was, in those years of our lives. Here is the link to the new video:

Cck air base 1970

Cck air base 1970

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  1. The move of the KC's from Kadena to Ching Chuan Kang increased their effectiveness since they would be based nearer to Vietnam refueling areas.

  2. Unfortunately, You Tube has started cracking down on the use of copyrighted music and subsequently blocked my videos in many countries including the U. I uploaded the new video which includes editing revisions and enhanced video quality.

  3. It is also used by the army's airborne and special operations command. These aircraft provided Republic of China Air Defense pilots an opportunity to detect and intercept enemy aircraft that used electronic countermeasure ECM equipment.

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