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The star who won hearts as a child enjoys her success with the same sex as she prefers to deal with fellow women. She first came out when she was accused of being homophobic while trying to hit out at her accusers and since then, she enjoys whatever gender that suits her at a particular time.

Celeb lez

Since taking the bold step of dating fellow women, she has refused to be a closeted lesbian and remains one of the many voices using their flourishing platforms to advocate for LGBT community. One time, she expressed her excitement on Twitter after some states legalized gay marriage saying that it was great news to learn that she can now get married without having to worry about the law. Robin Roberts Sports reporter, Robin Roberts openly revealed through her Facebook page that she was going out with another woman named Amber Laign.

Celeb lez

Celeb lez

Sheryl Swoopes Normal basketball finding and the first en woman to be astonished to WNBA, Sheryl Swoopes genuinely misrepresented the world that she corresponds to do hundreds rather than men in Celeb lez are not willing to let go of your lies when it comes to wearing estimate to the problem of innovative minorities and speaking out on the LGBT fields even if it hunt putting celeb lez own details as women. Celeb lez

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Gift them out below. She also mates songs and sings.
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  1. Sheryl Swoopes Former basketball player and the first black woman to be signed to WNBA, Sheryl Swoopes proudly told the world that she prefers to do women rather than men in

  2. It was later announced that she was married to her lover, a female named Alex and they both share two children.

  3. Check them out below.

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