Chariots at the bottom of the red sea


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Red Sea Chariot Wheels! The bottom line is that at this point all that seems to exist to support the claims of chariot parts on the bottom of the red sea are pictures, most of which are of coral formations. Saudi Arabiadoes not admit tourists, and perhaps fearing unauthorized visitors, the Saudi Authorities have since removed this column, and replaced it with a flag marker where it once stood.

Chariots at the bottom of the red sea

Wyatt's interest in the crossing of the Red Sea by the Hebrews became focused on the site of Nuweiba in Egypt because it seemed to fit some of the description of Biblical and historical accounts of the geography. What he was about to find was truly remarkable!

Chariots at the bottom of the red sea

Chariots at the bottom of the red sea

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  1. Typical chariot wheel from the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, the time of Moses and the Exodus. Some people claim that the Hebrews crossed a shallow lake called the Sea of Reeds.

  2. Since , Ron Wyatt found three four-spoke gilded chariot wheels.

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