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It has it's fair share of aggressive single guys if that's what you looking for! After a legal battle in court, a judge agreed Bynum could break the lease and throw out the renters.

Chattanooga swingers

Public businesses follow local laws and ordinances. In Bynum's case, the judge let her break the lease because her insurance company would no longer cover the building.

Chattanooga swingers

Chattanooga swingers

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  1. One Facebook page had the building's address listed for the 'Bottoms Up Club.

  2. We have thousands of members from Chattanooga, Tennessee so you have a very good chance that you will meet someone to your liking. The police have been trying to find a reason to shut our doors a few times.

  3. There are some that move around from hotel to hotel also.

  4. A community near Nashville is in an uproar because a well-known sex club moved into a building near a Christian school. But to the point at hand, we always like the idea of getting along well with the other swingers we meet so friendship is a must.

  5. And despite the fact that it seems somewhat counterintuitive, for some people, thumbing their noses at society's norms by fucking each other's spouses just isn't quite naughty enough.

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