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An investigation into her death is ongoing. Trans Lifeline, the only suicide hotline for trans people operated by trans people, received four times the average number of calls in the days following the memo's leak; the day the news broke, the hotline received two times the regular volume of first-time callers contemplating suicide.

Chicago transexual

She just stayed to herself. Stanton and Bell are at least the 17th and 18th known transgender people killed in the United States this year.

Chicago transexual

Chicago transexual

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  1. Violence against trans people, particularly against trans women, is a plague that continues to affect our cities and communities across the state.

  2. She enjoyed a close relationship with a family that supported her, including her mom and brother.

  3. The National Center for Transgender Equality responded to the news on Twitter, calling for an end to the violence against trans women of color.

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