Clean scorched pot


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Baking soda is abrasive and will help to lift the staining. Use a scraper to remove as much of the residue as possible, then clean with a plastic scrubber to scrub away the rest.

Clean scorched pot

Try pairing it with Dawn dish detergent and hot water, or massaging it into the burnt pan with the juicy core of a cut lemon. Smart Home The easiest way to clean a scorched pan Tired of spending hours scrubbing away to clean just one scorched pan?

Clean scorched pot

Clean scorched pot

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  1. It will bubble and stink, so turn on your vent.

  2. I'm partial to Bon Ami cleanser because a it's gentle but very effective and b the label is adorable.

  3. Use a wooden spoon and gently scrape what you can off the bottom of the pan, wipe out the excess oil with a paper towel and then use one of the gentle abrasives listed above to clean out the rest.

  4. Many cultures have a similar dish.

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