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It is common to find the for sale on Craigslist and eBay and there are scattered resources online for modifications, repair and restoration. Special full body paint, Summo suspension 7. With a full air suspension and air leveling it floats down the road.

Craiglist macon

When you drive up to our plant in Red Bay, Alabama, you won't come across a slick corporation, operated by far-flung investors. This Bus has been meticulously maintained, all the fluids have been changed, everything serviced and ready for the road of your choosing. Just traded for this super clean one owner Tiffen Breeze 32BR!

Craiglist macon

Craiglist macon

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  1. This Ford crate engine would be a great replacement mild street engine for a Mustang, Cougar, Fairlane or Gran Torino. Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

  2. The ceramic holds in the heat and lets you control the temperature within ten degrees. Hate to sell but will consider offers.

  3. It has an extremely tight turning circle and with the low height you can refuel just about anywhere. In this episode, I take you guys on a trip with me to find out what it's like to look for parts in A used car dealer is selling a 71 Z on craigslist.

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