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His email style and punctuation were odd, and what he was asking seemed strange. I gave him all the information so he could log it, and he said his office would pass that information along to the Federal Trade Commission.

Craigslist kent ohio

The email correspondence came from a person using the name Tony Bruce. Nash told the AP that the jury was skeptical of some of Rafferty's testimony and that they felt Rafferty contradicted himself at points not only during testimony but during his interviews with investigators. Of course I read this after my situation.

Craigslist kent ohio

Craigslist kent ohio

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  1. The envelope the check came in had been mailed from the University of Texas at Dallas, according to the postage label.

  2. The opinions expressed in this column belong solely to the author, not Nooga. Jurors found Rafferty acted as an accomplice to Beasley in luring men through a bogus job ad posted on Craigslist and then killing them for their possessions.

  3. The opinions expressed in this column belong solely to the author, not Nooga.

  4. This is when I knew it was definitely a scam.

  5. The murders took place in Noble and Summit counties. He went on to say that he would send me a check for more than he owed me for the Kindle and asked me to use MoneyGram to send the rest of the money to a person named Felix Johnson in Baltimore.

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