Cresskill cougars


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Kline attended Rutgers University, where he earned his teaching degree and embarked on a second career — serving his country in a different way. Nonetheless, the Bucs will qualify for the states in North 1, Group I, likely as the 6 seed. But the Paladins finished off the year with a giant exclamation point.

Cresskill cougars

Kline left on the school he loved remains very much intact, in memories held dear and anecdotes and stories still shared with wistful smiles and misty eyes. Because of his military service, Mr. Kline shared at Cresskill — everything from pushup training to an epic fundraiser Sumo match that left him exhausted and impressed by Mr.

Cresskill cougars

Cresskill cougars

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  1. Verderese looks back on the fun times he and Mr.

  2. Kline was so impressed with Mr. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots.

  3. Kline for three years. But the Bucs could not sustain the momentum after intermission.

  4. He was 50 years old. Along the way, he earned a nickname from his less scholarly high school football teammates that, in the spirit of self-deprecation and humor, he insisted be spelled wrong:

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