Crossfit competitions in missouri


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We have a competition for you to consider! CrossFit Aggregate has a variety of equipment, classes and functional training meaning that there is definitely something here for you. You love the community of CrossFit as much as you love CrossFit and thrive in and out of the gym on the positivity and energy generated by your box community.

Crossfit competitions in missouri

We believe in an aggregate approach to health and therefore are passionate about building a community around that belief. Aggregate often hosts fun events and encourages community involvement into the world of Crossfit! The coaches pay attention to technique and make helpful corrections at necessary.

Crossfit competitions in missouri

Crossfit competitions in missouri

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  1. These qualities translate perfectly to competition because understanding intent and what parts of the workout will be your wheelhouse and goat is critical. You like strategizing and making a game of your workouts You not only love doing the workouts each week, you love the healthy competition between your fellow athletes and revel in strategizing and visualizing your workouts beforehand.

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