Dating a hermaphrodite


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Basically, I started off in my mum's uterus as a boy, but my body didn't respond to testosterone. I never had acne — not being able to process testosterone gives you great skin! There are reminders every day of my condition and what I can't do, but you have to choose to take less notice of them, to get on with your life.

Dating a hermaphrodite

On that note, saying, "Be honest," is rude and unnecessary. AIS is genetic and one of the more common ones, but it still only affects one in every 25, people. Meeting and falling in love with my husband James when I was 28 made a big difference to my sense of self and my acceptance of my body.

Dating a hermaphrodite

Dating a hermaphrodite

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  1. It's also helped me to tell more of my friends. It's called that because there's a crossover between male and female chromosomes or sexual organs.

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