Dealing with loneliness and rejection


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Initiating activities with other people and joining organizations are examples of ways that you can create your own happiness with others without being in an exclusive relationship. Since loneliness results in isolation, experiment by sharing aspects of yourself, including experiences, feelings, memories, dreams, desires, etc. Learn to be active in the process of meeting others and getting involved in a relationship.

Dealing with loneliness and rejection

Or you may view your life script as being married, having children, or having a number of close friends. Secondly, in humiliation the other person deliberately makes you feel bad, whereas a person that makes you feel rejected may do this unintentionally.

Dealing with loneliness and rejection

Dealing with loneliness and rejection

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  1. Therefore, they are attracted to people who, like themselves, are similarly lonely, needy and insecure. The boy I crushed on for months only wanted to be friends.

  2. This dependence makes being in a relationship much more important, and therefore increases anxiety about being alone and increases fears of rejection. If the reasons partly include that you haven't acted in ways consistent with your own standards for yourself, then change your thinking and actions for the next person.

  3. Out there somewhere are probably many potential partners who are a lot like you! The causes of loneliness are varied and multi-dimensional, including social, psychological and physiological factors.

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