Dealing with psychopaths at work


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Dealing with psychopaths at work

Maintain the relationship before they knew the psychopath. This means that it is essentially biologically impossible for kids like Isabelle to distrust. So when a psychopath blames someone else, turn the conversation back on them.

Dealing with psychopaths at work

Dealing with psychopaths at work

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  1. They often blame other people and refuse to take any responsibility for their wrongdoing. I saw how you responded in the meeting today and I wonder if you might be stressed out.

  2. But they are ruthlessly going after what they want without any concern for those around them.

  3. Do not join the game. And because they lack empathy they see other people as objects to be used.

  4. When you bargain with any aggressive personality, try to propose as many win-win scenarios as you can.

  5. As Ronald Schouten reports, when neuroscientists did a PET scan of psychopaths after giving them amphetamines, the nucleus accumbens section of their grey matter produced four times as much dopamine. They're arrogant, dishonest, and callous.

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