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At worst, it will make you seem arrogant. Young adults with lots of logical intelligence are interested in patterns, categories, and relationships.

Define sapiophile

How Many Women Are Sapiophiles? Young adults with this kind of intelligence may be fascinated with mazes or jigsaw puzzles, or spend free time drawing or daydreaming.

Define sapiophile

Define sapiophile

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  1. If she does not know what a sapiophile is, she may be confused or feel belittled. Linguistic intelligence allows us to understand the order and meaning of words and to apply meta-linguistic skills to reflect on our use of language.

  2. The short answer to this is no. They are very aware of their own feelings and are self-motivated.

  3. Existential Intelligence Sensitivity and capacity to tackle deep questions about human existence, such as the meaning of life, why do we die, and how did we get here.

  4. In a sense, this usage compares the mind to little taste buds learning new information. It would be far better for her to get to know you first and find out for herself that you are intelligent.

  5. This intelligence also involves a sense of timing and the perfection of skills through mind—body union. Over time, it makes sense that intelligent people would be able to pass along their genes better.

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