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It started with the selection, planning and execution of those plans. We called some of the numbers that you gave us, and we got voice mails, Foroohar said to Glass. Stephen Glass, read the caption, peruses the script, ready to call the scenes, sets, and props.


The firing had not been handled with any degree of grace, and from the very beginning Lane had found himself in a tender position as he attempted to gain the confidence of the staff. Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union, called Glass quite a fiction writer and noted that the description of the Omni Shoreham room littered with empty bottles from the mini-bar had a problem. Sometimes it's bigger, sometimes it's smaller.



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  1. Decide if the headlines are active or passive.

  2. But, in a matter of seconds, Glass sized up the place and started pointing out the tables where the participants had been set up. Steve Glass doesn t drink and doesn t smoke, said The Daily Pennsylvanian when Glass became executive editor in January of And sex is definitely out Where did Glass start working at?

  3. Look, said Lane, if there s anything you need to tell me, tell me now.

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