Did adam and eve have belly buttons


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For instance that the Devil placed fossils in the rocks of the Earth in order to tempt people into believing that the Bible wasn't to be taken literally. Catalina, Santiago Chile In response to Chico, you can refute any evidence by stating that God made it that way to fool us, but a it's not a very good argument, and b do you want to believe in an alleged divine being that behaves that way? Adam and Eve did not need navels - but Cain, and Cain's wife did.

Did adam and eve have belly buttons

Anyone who takes The Bible literally is really headed for trouble, and probably will cause some trouble in their life because of this unreasonable and immature belief. If we disregard the creation account of Adam and Eve, we must consequentially put aside who rafts of Christian wisdom and practice.

Did adam and eve have belly buttons

Did adam and eve have belly buttons

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  1. Did Adam and Eve have parents? Browne admits that pictures featuring the pair with navels are "

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