Disturbed the guy cosplay


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Although he is a bigger presence in the film than Taffyta Muttonfudge, he proves to be a much harder cosplay. But this cosplayer gives the simple elegance we all loved about Bo.

Disturbed the guy cosplay

Despite not being much of a power, The Guy has a trait in which he is able to influence others to join his side. He very much looks the part of the King of a world of candy, seeming both ridiculous and creepy.

Disturbed the guy cosplay

Disturbed the guy cosplay

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  1. The stories were fantastical, but settings were creepy, and the action was exciting.

  2. But one of these days Disney is going to run out of things to personify. Anyone who has seen a real-life sheep knows that wool looks better animated than in the real world.

  3. Despite clearly only having 2 chambers on his shotguns in The Vengeful One, and Six Chambers in his pistol, he fires a grand total of 16 full barrel blasts from his shotguns, and 8 shots from his pistol, this clearly displays his ability to reload automatically, or some other form of magic to not need to reload Space beam:

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