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Sierra, who is in the peanut gallery, quickly steers her wheelchair into the ocean and saves Cody from the shark, telling the shark to drop Cody. Alejandro takes the lead and tells his team to cut the ropes.

Drama hawaian

Josee finds a new good luck charm, a lava rock shaped like a trophy, although a Hawaiian man states that she cannot take anything off the island. In the confessional , Cody admits his elation for managing to make it this far in the competition, but reveals he is also frightened of Alejandro and wishes Sierra was still in the game so that she could protect him. Everyone is worried about the volcano erupting when suddenly, a feral Ezekiel appears and attacks Heather for the case, and they begin fighting over it and Ezekiel manages to snatch it from her, only to fall into the volcano with it.

Drama hawaian

Drama hawaian

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  1. Chris announces the first challenge that will determine the winner.

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