Eat drink and remarry


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And if discovered, there can be painful consequences compounding the problems of a rotten marriage. He was a lovely man, and I felt very comfortable with him.

Eat drink and remarry

Jackson knew everything, both because she lived with us and because she was, in a way, a surrogate mother to me as well as the children. My gut feeling then became my professional opinion later: I know from my work, and from friends, that there is often one kid who suffers from a divorce more than the others, and often it is the eldest.

Eat drink and remarry

Eat drink and remarry

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  1. I told him he was really nice — and loyal — to come tell me this, but I did not for one minute believe him.

  2. Over the years even now, 44 years later!

  3. I was at a party when Coleman was out of town, and a good-looking married man who was not terribly bright was paying a lot of attention to me.

  4. Having their pick of all the rooms, they chose one at the front so they could observe the road. My intellectual aversion to this kind of behavior was not about guilt or morality; it just seemed that having an afternoon friend had a lot of potential potholes:

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