Ecards about long distance relationships


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Video Games Sync up your virtual worlds by playing some online games together. Michelle also created the Loving From A Distance forum to build a community where people in long distance relationships could support one another and build friendships.

Ecards about long distance relationships

Send an e-card For funny cards we recommend: Watch Movies Together You could try pulling up Netflix or Hulu and pressing "play" at the same time on video chat, or you can enter a Google Hangout and watch YouTube Live content together on the screen. Michelle, and her now husband, Frank, started creating the list of things to do and the site grew from there.

Ecards about long distance relationships

Ecards about long distance relationships

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  1. Create an itinerary, sync with your calendar, store confirmation emails and share details with travel partners.

  2. Live Video Chat Nearly every long-distance couple is familiar with the old Skype standby. Looking for a polite way to say, "Book that effing flight to visit me already!

  3. Or use newcomer app Oink to photograph, locate and rank food, art and experiences in your everyday life.

  4. Just remember to coordinate time zones! Carve your initials in a virtual tree ForestofLove.

  5. Pay a little extra for the app's postcard feature as well.

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