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She then takes Gawyn's place as Egwene's warder, after Gawyn is killed trying to assassinate Demandred. When Demandred and the Shara invade the Aes Sedai camp, she comes back for Egwene , who has been captured by a Sharan channeler and saves her from certain death. They first met in Falme but it was only in Tanchico that they acted on their feelings.


Raised to the Blood Edit She then sails out to sea to drop the Domination Band over the side, but she is boarded by another Seanchan vessel with damane on board. However, Egeanin found her in Tarabon and discovered that the a'dam could hold her. Domon is captured during the exchange and made property.



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  1. Before they could throw the a'dam into the waters near the Aile Somera , the Seanchan tried to board their ship. This isn't a bloody ship, and I'm not letting her take charge and ruin everything.

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