Ejigbo osun state


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Ejigbo osun state

Ejigbo happens to be one of the five towns, which contributed soldiers who fought the Ijeshas in Ife. Salotun is also one of the powerful priests, who understand the traditional management of Orisa Ogiyan, he is the fourth in hierarchy of the Ogiyan priests who assists other priests in the day to day worship of Orisa Ogiyan.

Ejigbo osun state

Ejigbo osun state

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  1. During the festival, it was just a light beating, with tiny cane to discourage all manners of acrimony or division, moreover that the people of Ejigbo recognize Ogiyan festival as a festival that unite them. I was a pupil teacher in Owu, a district town in Ejigbo in

  2. The case of Togo is unique. In , I was in a Quranic school but I ran away from the school in when one of my seniors refused to give back a coin which I found.

  3. Among them are the twin brothers Tidjani; while one was the Chief of Army Staff of late General Ghansimgbe Eyadema former Togolese President who ruled for up to 40 years , the second brother was the rector of the only federal university. Pa Adigun explained that the Alawe of Ejigbo always serve Ogiyan with 16 different vegetable varieties.

  4. They could not mention names even if they knew, so they just gave descriptions and then I knew all the descriptions fit me.

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