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On a bicycle named Vita and with a violin called Aurelia on her back, Ayres had already pedalled from the green hills of her native England, sped through Europe, and slogged the deserts of Iran. He obliged with a popular Afghan song, to the delight of the guards, who sang along.

Emma ayres partner

Ayres had been in denial about being transgender since Pakistan. The men step back and eventually leave us alone.

Emma ayres partner

Emma ayres partner

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  1. He said that he had first realised he was a man during a cycling trip in Pakistan in in a "total beam of light" moment one evening while watching the film Boys Don't Cry. She loved the freedom, brotherly days out with "other" men, and conversations with patriarchs over evening meals.

  2. He had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, for health reasons.

  3. He also knew that as a woman, he would have to wear a hijab, and opportunities to socialise with men would be rare.

  4. Some Afghan men shot us disapproving looks.

  5. Ayres decided to learn to play the cello, that instrument for boys. It tells the story of Emma cycling her way from England to Hong Kong with a violin strapped to her back.

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