Emotional blackmail girlfriend


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She gets a strange pleasure when she sees you cornered. I have not told many people this because in my family where my mother was a raging alcoholic, and now is dying of a disease, we did not speak, feel or talk, it is very hard, and I have suffered greatly from it.

Emotional blackmail girlfriend

It all has to do with how with the present situation and past experiences. We really appreciate your feedback. In their book "Emotional Blackmail," Susan Forward and Donna Frazier explain that manipulators often use a tactic consisting of fear, obligation and guilt FOG to get what they want.

Emotional blackmail girlfriend

Emotional blackmail girlfriend

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  1. There is nothing that you could ever do to deserve abuse from anyone.

  2. We went into the car, and I turned the heater to maximum and she was still cold.

  3. She called again to see if I was feeling better, and I said yes.

  4. This fear is often deep-rooted such as fear of abandonment, loneliness, humiliation, and failure.

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