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Rather than face charges of desertion in the face of the enemy, they were charged with being AWOL with all bar one soldier having their charges dropped after the armistice. The Marine Operations team has several new members who bring a wide array of knowledge and skills to the lab. Dionne has been diving for over eight years and recently returned to the United States from Utila, Honduras, where she underwent rigorous advanced dive instructor training.


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  1. They took all their objectives and advanced to a distance of about 3 miles 4.

  2. Matt has worked in a wide variety of marine occupations, from clam harvester and professional fishing guide to mechanic for a fleet of rental boats.

  3. Matt has worked in a wide variety of marine occupations, from clam harvester and professional fishing guide to mechanic for a fleet of rental boats. Our fleet of small boats has been equally busy, providing research opportunities for students and faculty from FSU as well as around the country.

  4. Quentin Canal , before the Germans could consolidate their positions. The failure of the III Corps to take their last objective - the outpost villages, would mean that the American forces would face a difficult task due to a hurried attack prior to the battle.

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