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To the devoutly religious, morality is the word of God, handed down to holy men in groves or on mountaintops. We had a private room with a bath in the "new building" and it was disgusting. To them, arguments like Haidt's wildly overgeneralize from a few suggestive studies.


A professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Rozin served people cups of juice that a sterilized cockroach had been dropped into and offered others chocolate fudge shaped like dog poop. Partly through biological selection, partly as a taught behavior, disgust became a disciplinary mechanism to steer us away from dangerous behaviors.



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  1. There were no screens in the windows and a surprising number of mosquitos in Santa Elena so we were forced to sleep with the windows closed, which was stuffy, and there were bright porch lights that stayed on all night right outside the front window which was covered by light tan bed-sheet material, so the light shone in all night.

  2. However, we also encountered 3 other staff members who were extremely rude and sarcastic. The moral issues of today are the Gulf oil spill, the Iraq war, women's rights in the Mideast, child malaria in Africa," she says.

  3. In other words, she argues, they're really reasoning.

  4. The facial expression triggered by disgust, the distinctive grimace psychologists call the "gape," also took on a new purpose. To them, arguments like Haidt's wildly overgeneralize from a few suggestive studies.

  5. If the evolutionary story about the moral emotions is correct, then human beings, by being a less social species or even having a significantly different prehistoric diet, might have ended up today with an entirely different set of religions and ethical codes. The floors were grimy concrete.

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