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At some point, the country was invaded by the kingdom of Ticktockia, which was ruled by the evil King Salazar. And there are a bunch of fun songs.


The first person to touch the star gets a wish. It's set like a hundred years in the past, sort of, in a town called Acme Falls, in the country of Warnerstock. And there are a bunch of fun songs.



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  1. The townsfolk are mostly the characters from all the various sketches on the Animaniacs show, most notably Wakko, Yakko, and Dot Warner who are here portrayed as orphans.

  2. Dot is apparently very sick, and needs an operation though most of the time she seems remarkably healthy. So, the next day, the Warner siblings prepare for their journey

  3. It's a rather obvious parody of the merger that created Time-Warner.

  4. So, the next day, the Warner siblings prepare for their journey So the whole town learns of the star, and everyone begins racing to be the first to reach it and touch it.

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