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She has a Chantry to rebuild, because she's seen the good inside and knows it's worth fighting for. The answer is very, so when Celes turns around and puts a knife in Kefka's chest instead, you know there are no ulterior motives.

Female characters games

Apparently the folks making that claim forget this girl puts the smackdown on anyone who gets in her way, whether it's bands of kidnappers, a diabolical suitor, or a god she's worshiped her entire life. While the reasonable reaction to that much tragedy would be to abandon one's faith and take up a new career as a bitter mountain hermit, Cassandra doesn't have time for reasonable.

Female characters games

Female characters games

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  1. How easy would it have been to kill her friends when they're at their weakest and rule the world at the Emperor's right hand? One of the ways she accomplishes her goal is through a series of disguises that can get her access to anything she desires, from the holding cells of the downtrodden to the halls of high society.

  2. You gotta love a lady who can kill someone with a parasol gun without even putting down her drink.

  3. Although Lara started life as a rather generously proportioned Indiana Jones substitute, after her gender was changed part way through development of the original Tomb Raider, she quickly established herself as the go-to female gaming icon. No matter the trials or the odds she faces, she fights through the pain and never lets her resolve waver.

  4. Cassandra's an unstoppable storm, but one with a calm and quiet eye, too.

  5. Ellie does that with aplomb.

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