Finding gloryholes


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Some have been professionally cut between the booths. Up to you, champ.

Finding gloryholes

Yes, but not very often. Maybe you'll do nothing more than close the door and you'll have a buddy next door. A few have been too low for me I'm rather tall.

Finding gloryholes

Finding gloryholes

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  1. I've seen gloryholes big enough for someone to climb through them though only once in a real dive of a place.

  2. Sometimes, a guy might try shoving his tongue through a hole, but seriously, just a couple fingers will do. This is a hole that is dug on the wall for the people who use the place to engage in sexual activities.

  3. If they don't, they aren't interested. Hey, if you have a chance to check out the person sucking your dick, wouldn't you take it?

  4. Maybe you'll just look around and not do anything and that's okay. Some have a bench built into the wall.

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