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Wait for a notification that says Streamhub Repository has been installed. Your new video add-on should be located in the Video Addons section of Kodi. Still, this software is publicly available and free of charge.

Flixanity me

Normal options range between p which is full HD, p, p, p and even p. The Basics The single most popular Kodi add-on right now has got to be Flixanity. We have provided a set of helpful screenshots to help you along the way.

Flixanity me

Flixanity me

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  1. In addition, it is known that ISPs collect personal information and sell this data to advertising agencies. These two addons bring just about any kind of content you can imagine.

  2. To access Flixanity, open the Kodi application. After the download and installation are complete, the Flixanity add-on should work flawlessly.

  3. As such, it provides a way to add a large streaming library to the media player. VPNs keep your personal data safe.

  4. Please note that we are not affiliated with the following software in any way. As you can see, Flixanity is a video addon for Kodi.

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