Foreskin smells like fish


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So what exactly does semen smell like? One of the most common is chlamydia, but other organisms can cause NGU as well.

Foreskin smells like fish

The sodium left behind on your skin after sweat or urine dries can make your semen smell even more like bleach or chlorine if it gets mixed in. Find relief and prevent recurrence You may be able to ease your symptoms and prevent recurrence by keeping the following tips in mind: The symptoms are very variable and many people are unaware that they are infected by this parasite.

Foreskin smells like fish

Foreskin smells like fish

How to dating your penis from dating fishy. Join the Knows Post online dating community Taught peoples:. Foreskin smells like fish

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  2. This refers to inflammation of the prostate gland.

  3. Urinary tract infection may also be related to urethritis, the inflammation of infectious origin of the urethra that can cause leaky secretion.

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